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Einstiegsluke Entry hatch:
The large entry hatch has several practical advantages. Depending on the weather, the hatch door can be used as a hard top, or it can be taken off and stored in the rear luggage compartment. The resulting large opening creates a very free riding sensation. The aerodynamics are still very good in this mode and allow efficient riding. When mounted, the hardtop is fixed on a hinge and cannot fly away. Opening and closing the door is quick and easy.

Gepäckfach Luggage:
There's a lot of luggage space in the Milan. Even the space in the front end is usable, because the large entry hatch allows easy access to this part of the vehicle. The front end contains a luggage compartment made from GRP and two bottle holders. The rear end can take long, narrow pieces of luggage. There's also plenty of space alongside the rider and directly behind the seat. By storing the luggage behind and in front of the front wheels, the luggage can increase the vehicle's stability. Storing luggage in the rear end only might cause the vehicle to swerve dangerously in curves.

Due to the Milan's excellent aerodynamics, it's possible to achieve sufficient speeds with very little power. This also means that the rider will sweat less and arrive more relaxed and less exhausted. With 33 kg / 73 lbs even in the GRP version, the Milan is one of the lighter velomobiles. This improves the climbing ability of the vehicle.

Unterboden Maintenance requirements:
The practicality of a velomobile depends greatly on its maintenance requirements. If the drive train were exposed to dirt, sand or salt water, this would require periodical cleaning and premature exchange of parts due to deterioration. This is why the Milan's drivetrain is completely isolated from outer influences. This keeps the chain, derailer, cogs and cranks clean. Experiences with the Quest velomobile have shown that this increases the service life of all these components approximately tenfold compared to an open drivetrain! Furthermore, a clean derailer system is superior to all other kinds of drivetrains (like internal gear hubs) in terms of mechanical efficiency. The encapsulated drive train greatly reduces the maintenance requirements. Riding through mud, snow and salt water is not a problem any more.

Rear wheel access:
Besides allowing easy entrance, the large hatch also eases access to parts that need maintance eventually. To access the rear wheel, the vehicle can easily be turned upside down. It then rests stable on three points.

Removable seat:
The seat can easily be removed in one motion without any tools, allowing convenient access to the luggage in the rear end. This also creates a large, level surface in the vehicle, which can be used for resting with appropriate cushioning.

Tretlagerverstellung Sitzlehnenneigungsverstellung Accomodation for rider's height:
The vehicle can be adjusted quickly to different riders. The bottom bracket can be moved along the frame, and the seat can be adjusted to several positions. This creates a big range of adjustability. With the seat recline adjusting unit located at the rear wheel arch, the seat recline can be adjusted in relation to the chosen seat position. Due to the bulges in the shoulder area, the Milan also fits broad-shouldered riders without significant changes to the projected frontal area.

Usage of standard components:
The two-sided rear wheel swing arm is equipped with a standard 26" (ISO 559) rear wheel (mountain bike standard). Thus, in case of a failure on a long tour, it's easy to find a replacement. This also allows using a Rohloff hub or a Bion-X electric assist motor.

The shape of the vehicle's body (with the bulges for the heels, toes, shoulders and knees as well as the air guidance at the undercarriage) results in a very high stiffness even with low lamination strength. The body is further stiffened by additional beams fitted with upper and lower chords made from glass rovings. This all results in a very good ratio between stiffness and weight. Even without the application of carbon fibre, the weight is just 33 kg / 73 lbs, which also contributes to easy everyday usage.